Wednesday Night

AM planning on starting to work on the “super zombies” budget project. I will i promise myself.

but first i think i will do a little blogging….


Right now i am listening to a great band that i saw back in September.


kind of a hipster name in my opinion but whe you got chops like these guys, i find it easy to look past petty name hang ups. haha.

They opened up for Hollerado (also a good band) at the Vogue theatre. I was blown away by how cool and original their music was.


they had a smoke machine 😀

Both Hollerado and Young Rival are from eastern Canada, Hamilton I do believe. I took a peek at young rival’s website and found quote that i found pretty accurate “It’s like the Beach Boys meet the Sex Pistols”. I will post the gooveshark search that i did. Why dont you take a listen to some of their tracks. Even the first track up there emulates the quote above.!/search?q=young+rival


ps. I have had trouble lately with the dreaded Itunes. I cant seem to open up the program. Its a very simple problem but ive done all that I can. I do no want to abandon Itunes now wince i  have spent SOOOOOO long compiling my library….

I have redownloaded the program, and tried opening it up from the start/programs/itunes method. not really sure what else to try. any smart people out there who can help me?


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