studio bloggin

Todays class was awsome! I was so happy to meet Mike and Janet. 

Just so you all know, right after they left, I was on my phone texting the guys in Grizzly Bones. 

They got sooo excited haha. I also got to tell them about the last couple little projects we have been doing. It didnt take much to explain how i can directly apply this knowledge to the band. 

I am sitting in the studio watching four guys try to explain what they mean. They are trying to write new music. I always love sitting in while they do this. Not just for the comedy of it (sarcasm seems to be a must) but as they stumble through ideas great scraps of music form out of no where. There is basically two rough ideas with two or so riffs. They are cutting peices out from each and then trying find that sweet sweet hybrid.

haha Kevin (the guitarist) just said ,”man like what we need is like something that comes out like umm, like this kindaaa….”

then Andy (also guitar) cut in,” we NEED a reach around!”


maybe thats how i will leave you 






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